Testing of rechargeable batteries is one of principal mission. Unfortunately, quality of rechargeable battery depends highly on quality of chargers. Each manufacturer of rechargeable battery has its own brand of chargers or recommends certain type of chargers. Some special batteries (such as camera batteries, mobile phone batteries) have only 1 type of charger usually delivered together with the device. In this case, we can not test those batteries without original charger.

The situation is better in model batteries. We use there universal charger (B6 compatible) for all types of model batteries (LiPo, NiMH, LiFe...). Some manufacturers can recommend dedicated chargers for certain batteries, by using which better results might be achieved.

Finally, the testing of rechargeable batteries brings additional measurement error, which relates to the chargers. If you want us to test rechargeable batteries and get the best results, please send us together with the battery also the appropriate charger.