A part of Capacity, Voltage and the price, is there some other important parameter for the batteries?

Yes, for some other batteries, there are other important parameters, which might pay the role in the decision making process. For example car batteries need to have high peak discharge current (300 – 600A), discharge peak current is also important also for model batteries. For rechargeable batteries the duration of charge and number of discharge cycles very is important.
We are trying to measure all relevant parameters, but sometimes the measurement is very costly (for example measurement of discharge cycle for rechargeable batteries, when 1 cycle charge-discharge lasts about a day and we must measure about 500 cycles..). We do not measure weight, size, temperature etc..

Which is the difference between rechargeable batteries and acuumulators?

Usually we use the name Battery for all energy cells. More correct is to distinguish between battery and accumulator. Battery is single use only (even if there are some technologies for re-use) and accumulators can be used many time. They can accumulate the energy in charging process and being reused.

Is your measurement definitive? Which is the error of the measurement?

We use very precise equipment with the accuracy about 1%. This accuracy might be lowered by metering very small values of Voltage and Current. To avoid any litigations, we declare the accuracy about 20%. Moreover, one dedicated battery can give different results if it was bought in Jakarta or in Sydney or in Toronto. It might be caused by different factories in different countries, or even in the same factory might be the different production lines, or the batteries were produced with the difference of couple of months. If we get 2 different close results with the same battery, we always show the better ones. We can always change the data, if we get better result later If the measurement error is almost the same for all batteries, the more important is the relative value of capacity, it means, that if compare 2 batteries, the differences between them might be correct.

I was surprised with the results of comparison of data. Some brand batteries were worse than no-name even in absolute capacity.

We use to say, that the worse product you have, the stronger publicity you must make to reach required sale. We were also surprised by the results and in some cases, we even re-tested the brand batteries. But, be realistic... Which was your decision making process when buying the batteries before these tests? Did you consider the publicity or the advice? We are not trying to persuade anybody to buy more cost effective batteries. We only try to show you the differences.

I can find the capacity of rechargeable battery (written on each battery), but why I never found it on Alkaline batteries?

As you see the results of tests, even the rechargeable batteries might not reach stated capacity. Sometimes it is theoretical value. The manufacturers (it is probably worldwide consensus) try to hide the real capacity of the battery, because it is not only parameter of quality. As you can see discharge charts, the Voltage is also important. On the other hand, it is difficult to compare the batteries simple by capacity, so you rely only on publicity and brand. And this is the objective of manufacturers.

I would like to set up the same web page in my country. Can I get your data and know how from you??

Yes, we are looking for the partners mainly in the countries, where you have many different batteries from those in our web page. Firstly you must proof, that you are serious partner and you have the capacity to make all the measurements. Than we will provide you complete measurement equipment, web page access and you can fill your own database.

I found the possibility to insert your charts to my web page. I found it very good idea, but is it really free??

Yes, you can integrate our measurements and charts to your web page and it is free and it will be ALWAYS free. We want to be independent and fair to public and we want, that our data is shared as much as possible. The source of our income is advertising and Google banners on our web page. You can also support us, if you send us batteries for testing and if you subscribe for the newsletter.

Last month I found one battery on your web and now it disappeared. Is it possible??

Yes, it is possible. We can hide any of the measurement (battery) in following cases:
1. Some relevant authority had serious complain about the measurement.
2. We found the same battery with very big difference on measurement
In these cases we can re-measure the batteries. The process might last some months, so if the data is
important for you, just send us some request by e-mail and we will release you old measurement data.
We can also hide the data, if the battery is not more manufactured or we can hide all brand, if we consider, that manufacturer is unfair to us or to market.

Are you really independent? This project is very costly. Who is financing you?

If you have any feeling, that we are paid by any manufacturer or seller of batteries, please remind us. If you feel, that we are not fair or objective, please remind us. You can help us to earn some money if you register for the newsletter (we will include some paid messages in our newsletters). This is the way, how we are financed. We do not exclude manufacturers and sellers of batteries from sponsoring us us in the way of paid ads or banners. But the chances are equal for all(Any manufacturer or distributor can have the banner on our page in the equal conditions). You can also help us, if you send us any battery to test (please, consult in advance, if we do not have this battery for test). The most welcomed are rechargeable batteries, which are the most expensive.

Will you publish your web in another languages?

We are open to translate our web to any language, if you help us. We do not have any extra funds for translation. If you find any error on our page, please let us know.